Due to unforseen circumstances this blog is over 😦 I no longer do S3 Legacies

But you can catch up with me on my personal Blog

This Blog Has Ended

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It’s All Over

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

I’ve tried everyhting to get Mimi & Co up & running again but to no avail.

Here are the last picture’s I took which were of Belle & Sadie’s birthdays


Sadie Minasota

She would have been Mimi’s mini me, she looks just like her same hair and face She has Stile’s eyes


Belle Minasota

Looking beautiful as a teen Belle grew up gaining the perfectionist trait making her traits

1 – Good

2 – Neurotic

3 – Artistic

4  – Perfectionsit

My apologies to everyone who has been following the story.

I will be writing a new story eventually but not with Mimi in it. I’ve alway’s wanted to do a legacy story so that will be my next endevour. I’m very sad that Mimi’s had to end like this she deserved better 😦

R.I.P Mimi – You were alot of fun 🙂

R.I.P Stile – You barmy old fool

R.I.P Belle – Only just become a teenager

R.I.P Sadie – You hadn’t even learnt to talk yet


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Massive panic my laptop crashed while I was playing Mimi’s household & the game has disappeared 😦

I have no idea what to do it’s saved on backup but i don’t have a clue how to get it onto the game help please otherwise Mimi is doomed 😦


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Knock, Knock, Knocking On Heavens Door

Stiles the loveable useless old fool is getting on in years, I got the notification today is his birthday & joy of joys he’s going to be an elder.

We decided to throw a party as this will be his final one 😦 I won’t bore you with all the pre-party nonsense we’ll get right down to the good stuff.

Here the party venue simple but effective I think


& off we go…


The guests have actually gathered to watch which I must say is a first. They normally stand around like idiots.


Thats it Stiles blow them out

Ooo do I get a wish?

Yes make the wish that you don’t die before reaching level 10 in your career!

Im going to die?! 😦

Uh no course shush blow them out!



You look like your going to poo yourself whats wrong?

So excited!


The sparklies! Please be a boy! Please be a boy!

Barmy old fart it’s a birthday not a birth!


Ooooh I don’t like this. Make it stop!


I’m blind!


You put your right foot in! Your right foot out.



Oh dear he doesn’t look happy


Where did my youth go? This isn’t what I planned for. Ow my acheing back.


Ughh my hand are so wrinkly I’m so old Noooo!!

I’t seems Stiles has been struck by grumpy old man syndrome hopefully it’s not terminal.


What the hell am I wearing?! I’m supposed to be a rockstar!

Belle seems more than a little surprised at the tranformation.


Urgh that is not my dad he’s so old! Look at his skin I’m never getting that old EVER!


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The Birth

It’s a typical Morning in the Minasota house, Belle is at school, Stiles is off being useless somewhere as there is really nothing usefull for him to do now he’s mastered the guitar & Mimi is playing with the dolls house.

Or at least she was….

OMG What’s happening!

Oh wow Mimi your in labour. Yay!

Not Yay! Ow ow ow pain!



Him again? He is NOT helping!



If he doesn’t shut up i’l give him something to scream about!

Is she going to be ok?! Should I call the doctor? OH DEAR! OH DEAR!

Seriously get him away from me now or I may kill him!

I sent Stiles off to do something equally as useless elsewhere.

You ok?

DO I LOOK OK? I think im dieing!

Look Mimi sparklies! (they usually cheer her up)


Yay pretty sparklies!


Right so will these sparklies give me a baby?

Yes Mimi your in labour it usually results in a baby at the end.



Ooo this is fun!

It’s a girl! I had a girl! YAY!


(Thank you sim gods!) Poor Stiles he’ll never get that boy now I’ve decided 2 kids is enough.

Thats what she thinks

Whats that Mimi?

Oh nothing look how pretty she is!

She looks exactly like Belle when she was born.

So she’s pretty right?

Of course she is 🙂

Meet Sadie Minasotta


Sadie – Hebrew meaning Princess

For some unfathomable reason we wern’t allowed to pick any taits for Sadie. She was born also with the Good trait like her sister & the Virtuoso trait Like her daddy. She also seems to have inherited her mothers skintone whereas Belle is pale like Stiles.

Her favourite colour is Lime green, She enjoys classical music & her favourite food is Stu surprise.


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It’s About Time

Hello Mimi lovers & welcome back thank you for your patience & yes I had an absolutely awesome time at my festival thankyou. Not that you care your all just here for Mimi lol

Well we finally had confirmation on the pregnancy.


Ooo I feel funny


I don’t like these clothes, but YAY a baby!

Mimi immediatly rolled another want of a girl, Stiles wanted a boy. But I decide to let the sim gods of fate decide this time.

But I want a girl!

You can’t always have what you want Mimi

Why not?

It doesn’t work like that


Then it was off to finish/start the garden again as she’s not very useful when pregnant.


Yes I am growing a baby here!

Well other than that then.

Belle was off  in the kitchen worrying about peeping toms and what not.


You know, I really don’t like these windows.

Why not honey?

Well anyone can see inside they could spy on me while im changing or what if theirs an explosion they could shatter and we’ll all die!

Belle you worry way too much for a 7 year old.

I think I’l ask mummy about getting rid of a few.

Well you can try sweetie but they were her idea.



Yes Belle?

You know the windows?

Oh yes of course marvelous idea wern’t they? I don’t know

How can you not know? Look how light and airy it is in here it’s brilliant!

But what about peepimg toms?

Nonsense darling now go play mummies busy.

Abit of a strange one isn’t she?

Mimi thats your daughter your talking about.

Hmm I think this window thing may really be affecting Belle as all her pictures look like this


Dark and Mysterious anyone?

I decided spot of family bonding was in order so I sent them off to watch a film.


Evidently it was about robots…
Ooo I’m not sure about this




Scared to look there Stiles?

& what was that you were saying earlier Mimi?

Whats that for!

She’l be ok won’t she?




I don’t get it?
 LMAO at their facial expressions especially Stiles!

The next morning Mimi was up bright & early & up to her usual tricks….


More broken sinks Mimi?

Blasted thing GRRRR Im pregnant I shouldn’t have to this!

You break it you fix it that the rule in this house missy.

*incoherent angry mumbling*

Anyway it was off to school for Belle so i decided to send Mimi & Stiles for some bonding time around the fire.


As I’ve decided to remodel the minasota house in order for the new baby to arrive, so I totally demolished the old house & moved it right to the back of the garden…


Much better dont we think?

Also on a very exciting note I’ve had Stiles playing guitar morning noon and night in order master the guiatar & I’m proud to say he finally done it! WOOOOO!


Well done my little guitar hero!

Can I go to sleep now?

Yes yes sleep away my little friend 😀


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Hello Mimi fans

Just to let you know im off to a music festival today (woohoo!) & I won’t be back till monday.

Mimi should be back on track with an update either next wednesday or shortly afterwards.

this is not a roburky style anouncement lol

peace out dudes! (I’ve gone all hippy in the festival mood haha)



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